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Hosted by Dr. Merle Griff and DeLores Pressley. This informative and interactive radio show, Wriggling in the Middle, talks about the dilemmas and sometimes the delights of being part of the sandwich generation and responsible for the care of multiple generations. Whether it's caring for both your children and elderly parents, or an aging spouse and your grandchildren, the show will discuss not only the challenges seen every day in keeping a family together, but also the lighter side of trying to manage it all.

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Dr. Merle Griff An expert on caring for both children and aging parents. She has been a delegate to the last two White Conferences... Read More DeLores Pressley Motivational Speaker, Author and Personal Power Expert DeLores Pressley, Motivational Speaker and Personal Power... Read More

3 Tips for Better Communication with your Spouse

Dr. Paul Coleman is a psychologist in a private practice with over 20 year’s experience.  He is the author of 12 books including We Need to Talk: Tough Conversations with Your Spouse.  Dr. Coleman joined Wriggling in the Middle to give the latest tips on how to improve communication. Wriggling: Are there any myths about […]

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Why we need Chicken Flavoring in Chicken and Other Processed Food Mysteries

Melanie Warner joined Wriggling in the Middle to provide some great information about processed foods.  Author of Pandora’s Lunchbox: How Processed Foods took over the American Meal.  Melanie is a freelance business journalist who has worked as a reporter for the New York Times.   Wriggling:  What is your definition of processed foods? Melanie:  Its […]

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4 Ways How Helicopter Parents are Impacting our Children

Doctor Bob Humphries is co-owner of Vista Psychological Counseling Center in North Canton Ohio.  Since 1985, his practice has included work with children adolescents, families and adults.  He joined Wriggling in the Middle to discuss the latest parenting issuel – Helicopter parenting.   Wriggling: What is a Helicopter Parent? Dr. Humphries:  Helicopter Parents are those […]

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All in the Family: 4 Tips to Resolve Family Conflict as a Caregiver

Carolyn L. Rosenblatt, R.N., Registered Nurse and an Attorney, with 40 years of combined experience in her two professions. She is the founder of, a resource for those who are caring for aging loved ones at home or in facilities. She is a consultant to individuals and families struggling with aging-related issues, and is […]

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3 Tips on Getting Past your Breakup

Author of Getting Past Your Breakup, Susan Elliott, joined WITM to discuss divorce, broken relationships, and tips on how to cope. Wriggling:  How can loss lead to good things? Susan:  People should look at a breakup as an opportunity.  An opportunity to start over and make a lot of choices that you can’t make when you […]

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3 Tips for Preparing for Retirement

Author and financial security expert Julie Jason joined Wriggling in the Middle to discuss retirement and investment. Wriggling:  What advice can you give to people about savings? Julie:  It’s hard to save sometimes because when you’re in the middle you have competing concerns.  Typically people put children ahead of themselves and that includes everything OTHER […]

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1/20 Dr. Gordon Livingston on Overcoming Fear

Dr. Gordon Livingston joined WITM to discuss his new book The Things you Think you Cannot Do and how to overcome fear.

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12/16 Dr. Rick Hanson on the benefits of positive emotions

Neuropsychologist and New York Times best selling author Rick Hanson joins wriggling in the middle to discuss his book Hardwiring Happiness.

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